Information for Department Chairs

Information and resources are available on these webpages to assist you and your department with planning and continued support for the distance education programs you currently or plan to offer.

The topics addressed on the site are:

Deans (general information about planning and supporting distance education programs)

  1. Information about the Required Approvals and Authorization Processes
  2. Sites currently approved by SACS and/or the U.S. Department of Education for the delivery, by Appalachian State University, of instruction at off-campus locations.

        Click on the "Deans" tab in the header bar menu.

Department Chairs (tables mapping ASU college/faculty/department resources)

  1. Overview of the General Responsibilities of the Department Chair with regard to distance education programs and planning
  2. Information and guidance for Planning New Distance Education Programs, Cohorts, or Sites
  3. Information on the Distance Education Approval Processes (included in Info and Guidance for Planning...)
  4. Faculty Concerns
  5. Faculty Handbook for Distance Ed Teaching (addresses many topics of interest to chairs, e.g., contract procedures)
  6. Form for notifying Distance Education about changes to Academic Program Coordinator assignments

Academic Program Coordinators (general overview of Academic Program Coordinator responsibilities)

  1. Academic Cohort Facilitator roles and responsibilities
  2. Program Coordinator List

         Click on "Academic Program Coordinators" tab in the header bar menu.

Other Information/Resources (click on the tabs in the header bar menu)

  1. Faculty Handbook (useful information for all personnel in departments that offer (or plan to offer) distance education programs
  2. Course Request Form (the form used to notify distance education to set up a course in Banner and to request services)
  3. Online Courses: Information about ad hoc courses (courses offered independently of distance education programs)
  4. Schedule of Current and Proposed Programs
  5. Distance Education Program Manager: overview of roles and responsibilities
  6. Census Date


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