Course Request Form

The registration request form will be routed electronically to the program coordinator upon submission. The form is required for any request for a distance education section. Faculty, academic program coordinators and distance education staff who receive requests from students to enroll in a distance education course should direct students to The form is located in Forms in the Student Resources section of the students website.


After filling out the form and clicking continue, the student is asked to review his or her information and then to click submit. When the student clicks submit, he or she will receive a confirmation of submission with a notification to contact the Office of Distance Education if his/her request does not receive a response within 10 days.

The completed form is routed via email to the Office of Distance Education.  At that time, it is determine if the course has been waitlisted, if seats are available, if the student meets pre-requisites. 

If the course is waitlisted, the request is held until approximately two weeks prior to the start of the term. If the course is not waitlisted, the request is forward to the Program Coordinator associated with the program. The subject line will read: Student last name: CRN: Permit Request for Distance Ed Class. The Program Coordinator will click “Approve Yes or No.”

When either “Approve Yes or No” and submit has been clicked by the Program Coordinator, the results (along with all of the form information) are sent via email to Office of Distance Education for processing and notification of the student.

Ideally, all of this will take place within 10 days, so that the student will not be alarmed.  Everyone involved in this process (students, faculty, coordinators, etc.) should bear in mind that delays in the process can occur due to many factors (e.g., the decision to permit a new under-enrolled cohort to begin) and direct any students with concerns to contact the Office of Distance Education.


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