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Resources for College, Department and Faculty

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For Deans

The planning and approval/authorization processes for distance education programs are important to all of those involved in and impacted by them. To review information specific to college responsibilities and needs, please click the "For Deans" link in the menu or below.

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For Department Chairs

The development and delivery of distance education programs is a unique process, and the Office of Extension and Distance Education is available to assist you, the academic program coordinator, and your faculty as you navigate that process. We invite you review the information we've gathered to help you as you plan.

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For Academic Program Coordinators

Academic Program Coordinators are extremely important members of each distance education program team. A brief overview of their responsibilities and tasks with regard to the planning, development, and delivery of distance education programs is presented along with links to resources (including a brief overview of the role and responsibilities of the Academic Program Facilitator) and a current list of Academic Program Coordinators assigned to manage the academic department's outreach efforts.

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For Faculty

In an effort to make your off-campus teaching experience a good one for both you and your students, the Office of Extension and Distance Education provides information about the sites at which programs are located, the resources available to faculty, and instructions for various tasks. Faculty are strongly encouraged to read the sections of the electronic Faculty Handbook for Distance Education Teaching as soon as they receive their first off-campus teaching assignment. A link to the handbook will be provided in the faculty reminder/update email sent at the beginning of each semester. For the convenience of returning extension faculty corrections, additions, and revisions will be noted each fall semester on the main Faculty Handbook for Distance Education Teaching webpage.

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Fourteen for 2014

View information about the new online course development initiative, Fourteen for 2014.


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